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Short history of the club

  The Port and Starboard Yacht Club started up in 1967.  A (sail) race between Art Totman and
Bill Transue Sr. was the first event that lead to the founding of the Club.  Bill won, by the way. 
The next year, it was Art who took The Cup.  More people joined the race in ensuing years
and a solid core formed around the racing sailors.  Dr. Karl Larson became a member early on,
and became the Commodore after Art Totman had carried that flag for the first 10 years.
Harry Fish won many of the races.  In each and every race picture, Harry's boat is far ahead
of the pack, or not in the picture at all, because he had already finished.
Including Bill Transue Jr., the above are the original charter members.

The races took place in the area of Bucks Harbor, Jonesport Reach, around Roque Island and
Mark Island.  There was  a race every year, except 1970 when Art was in school.
In 1975, the Club re-enacted the historic "boarding of the Margaretta by the Unity". 
Harry Fish's boat  (posing as the American O'Brien from the Unity) had 17 people aboard. 
Art Totman ( posing as the Englishman, Captain Moore) was paraded through Machias
after his capture.

Two other members with great influence in the early years of the Club were Arnold Selwood and
Alan Graves.  Dana Urquhart, one of the past Commodores also joined early on and participated in
many races.  Currently, Art Totman is the unofficial club historian.  Art has a collection of photographs and newspaper clippings dating from the early years of the club.

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