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Summer 2008

Hi All! Summer is here!! Hurrah!

The first PSYC meeting to kick off  the summer ‘08 season was held at Helen’s Restaurant on June 27th. About 30 of the Club’s members attended and it was a successful event.   It was really a comical meeting though because first of all, we were seated among other guests at the restaurant, secondly, the acoustics were poor  ….PLUS, we are all losing our hearing anyway it seems, so the environment just exacerbated the situation!  So we heard lots of  “What did you say?” and finally after multiple attempts, Dana got everyone’s attention to attend to the Club’s business!  It was a fun meeting.  But, before we get started on the meeting happenings, here are dates to mark on your calendar!

Key dates for the summer: 

Pre-Regatta Party at 5:00 PM, Friday, August 1st at M.J. and Tom Zirolli’s (255-3772) 513 Yoho Head Road, Machiasport…our traditional pot luck affair.

NEW!!  Regatta Day Party/Festivities on August 2nd to be held at Richard and Jeri Burman’s (255-1060) 352 Pettegrow Point Road, Machiasport…come to their house to perch and watch the race (bring your own lawn chairs) and enjoy the fun!

End of Summer Picnic to be held on Sunday August 24th at 12:00 PM at Peter and Ann Gommers (255-3597) 150 Clark’s Point Road, Machiasport.

Here is the low down on the Annual Meeting:

For those of you who couldn’t make it, we missed you, but hope to catch up at the time of the Regatta!!!  Here is a summary of the high points of the evening.

*    Dana Urquhart, our Club Commodore, opened the meeting.

•    We have a new Club Secretary: Faith Merriman.  Faith very kindly stepped forward to fill the position of Secretary, as Annie Gommers needs to step down after two years of service.  We welcome Faith to this important position!  So in future be looking for your PSYC Newsletter and updates to be coming from Faith!! Her phone number is 255-8458 if you have any news items you would like her to include in the Newsletter or questions about upcoming activities.

•    Peter Gommers will continue to do the Web site for the Club.

The Club Web site address is:  www.portandstarboardyc.com --take a look!

Peter’s email address is peterghome@yahoo.com if you have any pictures or stories or info you want to post on our Web site. He has done a beautiful job of setting it up. Be sure to take a look. Peter will be adding some new pictures and newsclips in the next week that have been kindly shared by Art Totman…lots of fun shots and stories of past activities of the Club.

•    Robin Rier will continue for one more year as Club Treasurer!  Thank you Robin!!!!!

•    Dues for 2008-2009 season remain the same at $20 for the year. Please send your dues to Robin Rier at 34 Englishman Bay Road, Jonesport, ME 04649 before we next meet. Robin has a record of everyone who paid at the meeting, (thank you to those who paid!) and will track all dues that are paid going forward. 

•    The date for the Annual 2007 Regatta is set for Saturday August 2nd
At 11:00 AM.  Dana Urquhart will be the Race Commodore this year for the Regatta.  The race will start and finish in Bucks Harbor as always. Call Dana Urquhart to let him know if you will be racing this year or tell him at the Pre-Regatta dinner.  As always… Captains may be looking for crew, so at the pre-Regatta dinner do let Dana or the Captains know you are a willing crew member.

•    The pre-race dinner will be held the night before (Friday August 1st) at the Zirolli’s home located at (255-3772) 513 Yoho Head Road, Machiasport starting 5:00 PM. It will be a pot-luck affair as always. So just bring whatever you would like to prepare…it usually works out that we have enough variety and lots of tasty foods to eat for dinner.
The Club will provide mixers, juice, soda and ice and members will bring whatever they would like to add to that! That means BYOB.  If you have any questions, please call M.J. or Tom Zirolli at 255-3772. (Directions can be found below)
Follow 92 down past Bucks Harbor towards Starboard and look for a sign on your right that says, “Yoho Head” take that right turn and follow this road as it bears to the left and you come to a gate. The gate will be open. Pass through and continue on straight and do not take any of the right hand turns but instead at the fork bear right ( this leads to a loop). Just go all the way around until you see the sign, Zirolli’s 513 on the right. Just park at the side of the driveway so other cars can pass. If the driveway is full please park on the road.

Bring your own folding chairs if possible!!

          PLEASE RSVP!!
Please call the Zirolli’s 255-3772 ahead of time to let them know if you will be coming so they (we) are certain to have enough mixers and beverages for everyone.

•    NEW!! 
Regatta Day Party/Festivities on August 2nd to be held at Richard and Jeri Burman’s (255-1060) 352 Pettegrow Point Road, Machiasport…come to their house to perch and watch the race and enjoy the fun! The race starts at 11:00 AM and anytime from then on all are welcome to join the Burman’s and watch the race!  They have a perfect viewpoint from which to watch the whole proceedings of the race.  (please bring your own lawn chairs!!)

You are invited to bring your own snacks … the Burmans will kindly supply soda and tea and coffee (iced if the weather is hot and hot if the weather is chilly!!) .  If you want anything alcoholic, BYOB!!

Directions to Burman’s: Head to Bucks Harbor on Rte 92 and when in Bucks Harbor look for sign on left “Pettegrow Pt. Road”.  Pass BBS Lobster and continue straight until the road becomes a dirt road. Their driveway is just ahead on the left with the number 352 on two big rocks. Turn in and park and join the fun!

•    The End of Season Picnic will be held on Sunday, August 24th at 12:00 PM this year at Peter and Ann Gommer’s on Birch Point.

This will also be a pot-luck affair.  Peter will have the grill on and we will provide grilled sausage and chicken for the group…AND feel free to bring along  your own burgers or hot dogs or fish, and we will throw them on the grill for you. So, if everyone can either bring an appetizer, a salad or a dessert and any alcoholic beverages you choose…we will be all set. We will have juices, mixers and sodas and ice here for you.

Directions to end of season picnic at the Gommers home on Birch Point:When traveling on Rte. 92 towards Starboard, when you see the Machiasport Post Office on your right, Clarks Point Road is precisely 7/10 of a mile ahead, on your left, (there is a street sign) and can be found at the top of the hill after a bit of a hairpin turn. (If you pass the Larrabee Baptist Church you have gone too far). Follow Clarks Point Road to the end, going straight through the stone wall ( there is a sign that says Thompsons (Ann’s parents) You are there!  Look forward to seeing you all. If the weather is nice, bring a beach chair so you can plan on sitting outside to enjoy the view!

•    Sweatshirts and hats:  If members want to order more we need at least 10 items ordered to make an order complete.  Call Robin or Faith if you want to place an order. When they gets enough order requests in they can place an order.  The last order has now been distributed!! And the customers are happy!
•    Guest Moorings have been checked by Dana and are secure at Bucks Harbor if anyone needs to use it!

•    The award plates for last year’s second and third place winners were brought to the meeting and shown. Harper Dean graciously offered to pass on  the second place award Plate to John and Judy Bielecki and Sune Noreen offered to pass on Allan Lewis’s third place commemorative plate to him.

•    Peter Gommers framed up a lovely photograph of Steve and Starr Woolsey’s yacht, “Who” crossing the finish line to give to them. Steve and Starr very kindly sent their 1st place Award Commemorative Plate to the prior owners of  “Who”, Paul and Judy Nelson (now living in Hawaii).  Ann and Peter will pass on this photo to Steve and Starr.

•    Robin Rier read the Treasurer’s Report and it was unanimously accepted by the group.

Sailboat for Sale

Harold Wyner, a long time member of the Club, wrote me a lovely note asking if we might put a notice about his boat in the Club Newsletter.
At 83 years of age, he has decided to sell his power boat. He describes it this way:

“It is a Grady  White power boat, 18 feet long and powered by a 35 horsepower Evinrude engine.  It is top rated. All mahogany and teak.  All wood. I am asking $9,000 for the boat. It also has a boat trailer. It is a mid-coast Marine and it is in perfect condition, but I no longer use it.” (Please note I had difficulty reading his writing and apologize if I have misnamed things!!)

If you are interested, please write to Harold Wyner, 117 Thistle Lane, Hampden, Maine, 0444. His phone number is 207-862-5707

ON a closing note—an idea--- many of the Club members are also kayakers.  If anyone is interested in organizing and arranging a mini-Regatta for the kayakers in the group, would you please email or call Faith Merriman to let her know …this could be a fun day for all, but we would need someone to take up the reins on this to organize it… Faith’s email is wodahs@core.com and her phone number is 255-8458.

Food for thought!  Hope you all have a great Fourth of July!!

And, thanks to all of you who have helped me over the last two years to do my secretarial job well…couldn’t have done it without all of your help!! Have a great summer.

Fond regards,
nie Gommers,  soon to be former Club Secretary (thank you Faith!!)

Annie Thompson Gommers
Club Secretary

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