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Spring 2008

Hi everyone!   Ayah…we survived the winter up here in old Machiasport and environs but it wasn’t an easy one…it was more like the old fashioned winters of yesteryear….we had about two storms each week on average from December through mid-April… but then the sun came out, and it has been a lovely warm spring.  So all is forgiven.  Hopefully soon forgotten, too.  This was definitely a winter for the more hardy. I found out that I am not that hardy.

This will be short newsletter.  And an overdue one, too...sorry.

Summer Club Launch Meeting Set

Club members and guests are invited to attend the traditional first meeting of the season on Friday night, June 27th at 6:00 P.M. at Helen’s in Machias. We will have a room dedicated to the Club, and to make sure it is big enough for us, please email me (annietbi@hotmail.com)  or call me at 207-255-3597, to let me know if you are coming.  Last minute decisions to come are just fine, just let us know!  We will eat at 6:00 and then the formal meeting will start at 7:00 PM. Helen’s Restaurant has just been taken over by the owners of The Inn (which is located at the old Schoppe’s Dairy on the Machias River) and so it will be fun to check out the new and updated Helen’s Restaurant.  .  Dana Urquhart, our Commodore, will preside and there are several agenda items to discuss:

1)    Set date for Annual Regatta
2)    Decide on whether to have an additional celebration party on the night of the Regatta in addition to the pre-Regatta gala potluck dinner.  After such a lovely race, hard fought and won, why not celebrate and honor the sailors?
3)    Select locations and set times for party(ies)
4)    Introduce Peter Gommers to present newly developed Club Web site: www.portandstarboardyc.com
5)    Take stock of Club membership and dicuss how we may increase it
6)    Review the condition of the Club’s guest moorings
7)    Elect a new secretary for the Club
8)    Consider other worthwhile activities for the Club to pursue
9)    Hand out remaining awards honoring last year’s Regatta participants
10)    Hand out unclaimed orders for Sweatshirts
11)    Decide if dues should stay at $20 or be increased
12)    Pay annual dues

Winter Get Together was a Great Success

Sune and Twig Noreen of Jonesport were the gracious hosts of the wonderful evening of good food and fun conversations in February.  Many of us who wintered over in Maine were able to make the gathering and were better for it. Sune served grilled scallops that were divine and I have decided that every one of the members of this Club is a secret gourmet….what a delicious feast!!  No Club business was done, it was just a great time to be with old and new friends. Thanks so much to Sune and Twig for their warm and delicious hospitality!  And… thanks to Art and Jean Totman for the entertaining slide show that took us down the Club’s memory lane and was very educational about the origins of the Club and its early years of growth.

New Club Web Site Designed is Up and Running!!

With many thanks to Peter Gommers, the Club has a new and attractive Web Site where members and interested parties can check in at any time and find out what is going on in the Club. 
Go to www.portandstarboardyc.com and check it out… If you have any ideas for new features to add to the Web site or pictures you would like us to post, please let us know at the meeting or at any time by calling Peter at 207-255-3597.

Sailboat for Sale

Harold Wyner, a long time member of the Club, wrote me a lovely note asking if we might put a notice about his boat in the Club Newsletter.
At 83 years of age, he has decided to sell his power boat. He describes it this way:

“It is a Grady (?) White power boat, 18 feet long and powered by a 35 horsepower Evinrude engine.  It is top rated. All mahogany and teak.  All wood. I am asking $9,000 for the boat. It also has a boat trailer. It is a mid-coast Marine (?)  and it is in perfect condition, but I no longer use it.” (Please note I had difficulty reading his writing and apologize if I have misnamed things!!)

If you are interested, please write to Harold Wyner, 117 Thistle Lane, Hampden, Maine, 0444. His phone number is 207-862-5707.

Look forward to seeing all of you at the June 27th meeting to kick off a wonderful summer season!  Bring new friends who may like to join!! Don’t forget to let me know if you will be able to join us!  Thanks so much.  (but if you forget to let me know, we hope you still will come!!)

Annie Thompson Gommers
Club Secretary

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