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The P&SYC winter gathering was held at Robin and David Rier’s, who kindly opened their home in Jonesport to us on February 24th where all enjoyed the warmth of good home-made food and friends and conversation. The Pot Luck was a big hit and in addition to the approximately 20 P&SYC members that showed up, we were delighted to have guests from the Petit Manan Yacht Club join us too! We’ll have more information about their Club later in this Newsletter. Many thanks to the Riers for their hospitality!!
The Meeting was brought to order by Commodore Dana Urquhart. As there was no old business to discuss, new business was addressed.

Club would order sweatshirts with the Club Burgee embroidered on it, or any other type of clothing such as hats, or even patches. I, as secretary (Annie Thompson Gommers) mentioned that the offer to order these items for members went out in the Fall newsletter with a request to respond if there was interest in buying/ordering any of these items, and I did not get even one response. (Bill Jr. and Virginnia Transue had made the initial request to get this ball rolling, however.) It was moved and voted to make this offer once again via the Newsletter…So, I am asking members once again, to email or call me to let me know if you want to order and buy any clothing or accessories with the Burgee and we will do so for you! My email is annietbi@hotmail.com. Our phone is 207-255-3597. Let me hear from you if you are interested!! Thanks so much.

In the second order of business, Arthur Hill moved that a date be set for the traditional P&SYC June dinner meeting. Carol moved that it take place at the Bluebird Restaurant in Machias and it was passed and will occur on Friday, June 29th at 6:30 P.M . Reservations are already made for the meeting room in the back for this occasion. It was also agreed that annual dues for the year would be paid by members at the June dinner. Dues will remain the same for the 2007 season ($20) per family. A date for the race to be held later in the summer will be set at the dinner.

Third order of business pertained to the Club’s guest mooring at Bucks Harbor. It was decided that a 2-3 day mooring would be the maximum allowed for any guest. The Harbor Master of Bucks Harbor has been asked to keep watch.

There was also talk of a membership drive and it was voted that our dinner meeting in June needs to appear in the community calendars of the local area papers as being a “welcome” and invitation meeting for anyone interested meeting our crew and/or joining our Club. The secretary will see that a press release is written and that the meeting is listed in the local papers in June.But, we have two new members already! Ed and Marilyn Plissey of Machiasport. They will join us at the June dinner to meet the P&SYC gang!!

Andrea and Arthur Miller have been put in charge of the awards for this year’s race. A concern was raised by Arthur that it is difficult to know when the race is done due to the absence of a race buoy to mark the finish line. It was unanimously voted that the Club will provide a buoy with tackle and anchor to be set by the maxi boat at the race finish line. Commodore Dana said he will see that the buoy is purchased and set for the race.

We all missed Sherry Fish at the meeting who was home healing from hip surgery and she is wished well by all!!!

We had some lovely guests from the Petit Manan Yacht Club.

They included Tim and Gail (Commodore of the Club) Moorhouse, Will and Joanne Halpin and Bob and Casey Graves who told us about their many successes with their Club Sailing School. The classes they offer are attended by more than 60 young people from Narraguagus High School each summer. This is important work that keeps young people safer on the water, educated and interested in the rich heritage of the seafaring ways of Downeast Maine and to boot, all the work for the sailing school is done by Club member volunteers! We were inspired by their stories.

In related news:

    * Petit Manan’s Sailing Regatta will take place the last week of July.

They have extended an invitation to all members of the P&SYC to come to their Post Regatta Pot Luck Supper on Sunday, July 29th at 5:00 PM at the home of Gail and Tim Moorhouse in Harrington. Call for directions (phone number listed below) If weather is poor on the 29th, the Regatta and Supper will be rescheduled. Please check out their Web Site for the rescheduled time (and it is a great Web Site so check it out anyway!!!) http://www.sunriseline.com/pmyc. Or call Gail Moorhouse at 483-4712 or email her at moorhouse@maineline.net

    * The Petit Manan Yacht Club also invites any young people from the ages of 10 to 18 to join their sailing school this summer. So if you know a youngster or teenager who is interested, give their Club a call. Classes will run as follows:

   July 11-13 Beginners classes

   July 16-20 Beginners classes

   July 30 – Aug 3 Advanced class in racing

   Sailing school classes will be held in Milbridge at George Arey’s property. Please call for more information. AND, if any adults want to brush up their sailing skills, or want learn to sail, private lessons are also offered. Please call Gail Moorhouse for more information on that! (phone and email addresses listed above)

For all those P&SYClub members who live away for the winter or couldn’t make the meeting, we missed you and look forward to seeing you this summer! As a late season nor’easter rages outside with gusts up to 65 mph it is pleasant to remember the warmer sunny days of summer!!! May they return SOON!!!.

And, if you want some fun, and a visit to Maine shores go to this link:

http://www.briloon.org/watching-wildlife/eagle-cam.php…and take a look at a loons arriving back in the Lakes of Maine.)(being filmed at an undisclosed location on the in order to protect the birds) The loons are anticipated to return in May once all the ice is gone from the lakes. This group was also filming an eagle’s nest with two eaglets recently hatched until the Nor’easter hit on April 16th. The two eaglets disappeared from the nest in the intense wind. If you click on the “Live” button, you can participate in a 24 hour camera watch that even features sound. It is a marvelous glimpse at the beauty and magic of nature and Maine. This organization is doing great work and it is fun to watch!!

See you on Friday June 29th at 6:30PM at the Bluebird Restaurant in Machias!!! ‘till then, here is a wish for smooth sailing for all of you, on both land and sea!! 

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