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Fall 2007

Regatta News and Correction

"Who", owned by Stephen and Starr Woolsey won the Regatta.  "Lola" (John Bielecki's) came in second and "Sparrow" came in third.  (Correction to the first announcement!!)  See the attached release that went out to 6 papers in the area. Many thanks to all who made the race happen! Including Dana Urquhart, Virginia Transue, Bill Transue( timekeeper) and Chris Urquhart. 

Season's End Picnic

 The season's ending picnic will be held on Sept 15th at 12:00PM at the Fish family compound in Jonesport. They will provide burgers
 and hot dogs and sodas, so can members please bring either
 a pot luck salad, dessert or appetizer. And bring a chair to sit on!! Directions are below:  If you have more questions please call Sherry Fish at 497-2119 or 497-3226.  Many thanks to the Fish family for hosting this event! 

Sweatshirt,Hats and Burgees orders

 Many thanks to those who have sent in their orders and money. We now have enough orders of sweatshirts to get the lower price that was discussed in an earlier email. HOWEVER!!!  The local vendor we were so happy to find is no longer answering their phone!  We have tried for 3 weeks toreach them and to no avail...no message on their machine, no answer.  I hope that they are ok (a local family in Jonesport) but at any rate, thismeans that we will have to find another vendor, and probably will use the outfit in California who was used 10 plus years ago. 

But dissapointingly, it also means that there will be no sweatshirts or other things until the winter meeting. I am frustrated at the amount of time spent to no avail. But there will be sweatshirts, hats and burgees in our future, just not yet. Please be patient, I am trying to be myself and it is not my strongsuit. Your checks will stay with Robin Rier for the moment until we secure a new vendor. Refunds for the difference between the higher and now lower cost will be made by Robin as soon as sweatshirts arrive.
 Please call Robin if you wish your refund for the difference sooner.
Other than that, a newsletter will follow the meeting on the 15th of September, and be sure to come as awards will be given to the hearty and experienced sailors who participated in the Regatta.  They all deserve our congratulations!

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